Color analysis for liquid flow, submersible with RS232 output

for hazardous areas series E584

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Support:  1-800-295-5693

HS Tariff:  9027.30.40.40

ISO-9000 Registered




A liquid flows through the sensor with his 1 / 2 connections. The sensor measures color from the liquid optically.  4 light flashes red, yellow, green, and blue are used to measure color.  The results of these measurements and calculations for color are sent to a PC.


Technical Data:
Power: 3.2 ... 5 V @ 30 mA
Materials: Housing = Stainless Steel, Seal = Sealon PTFE   Screws = stainless steel 301
Color formula: see color patent
Connection: 6 ft cable with 9 pole D adaptor
(Palm adaptor available)
Resolution: A number between 0 and 999 within 0.1% accuracy

User Instructions

User Instructions for installation in a hazardous area Class 1 (Group A, B, C and D)



This sensor is calibrated to distilled water