Total analysis for liquid flow with RS232 output

for hazardous areas series E594

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HS Tariff:  9027.40.80

ISO-9000 Registered




A liquid flows through the sensor with 1 / 2 connections. The sensor measures refraction and rotation from the liquid optically.  2 light flashes are used to measure refraction.  2 different colored light flashes are used to measure rotation.  The results of these measurements and calculations for the above properties are sent to a PC.


Technical Data:
Power: 3.2 ... 5 V @ 30 mA
Materials: Housing = Stainless Steel   Seal = Sealon PTFE   Screws = stainless steel 301
Formulas: see color and polarization patents
Connection: 6 ft cable with 9 pole D adaptor
Resolution: A number between 0 and 999 within 0.1% accuracy


Article about the sensor

User Instructions

User Instructions for installation in a hazardous area Class 1 (Group A, B, C and D)


The sensor is calibrated to 100% alcohol                   

Applications for total analysis in liquids:





Processed Food Products

Fuels and Lubricants

Organic Chemistry


Medical and Biology

Mineral and Gems

Paint Varnish and Glue

To check fertilizer

Bacteria and fungi in liquid

Not Applicable

Purity and composition of vaccines

Wine and Soft drinks

Verifying purity in alcohol and gasoline

Crude oil quality

Color composition in art

Urine and Saliva samples


Glue Composition


Dimensions: (click here for controlled installation drawings)